What Is The Police Activities League?

PAL is a year round program designed to give community children a safe program to attend after school and during the summer. Through our partnership with the Salvation Army, P.A.L. offers various programs that will give each member an opportunity to learn new and exciting things as well as make new friends. P.A.L. offers homework assistance, various sports, and a wide variety of different activities that gives each member an opportunity to build character and become a productive citizen. 

Where is the P.A.L. Center Located?

960 East Walnut Street Pasadena, CA 91101

What programs do you offer?

P.A.L. offers are music, Soccer, Archery, Basketball, Golf , Flag Football, Boxing, Horseback riding, Entrepreneurship (Lemonade Brigade), Culinary Arts and Computer Classes. More info on our programs here.

How do I donate to the P.A.L Center?

On the Pasadena P.A.L. website click DONATE or come visit us at our center and speak with the director

What makes P.A.L. different from the Boys & Girls Clubs, Learns, & YMCA?

The Police Activities League was started by law enforcement and to this day, a P.A.L. chapter cannot be a member of California PAL without the support of the local Chief or Sheriff. The Pasadena P.A.L. programs ultimate goal is to bring together "Cops and Kids" in an effort to reach the most "at-risk" youth that may not have the resources or opportunity to participate in any other programs. P.A.L. is a low-cost program which allow for those families that don't have the financial ability to otherwise get their kids involved with an organization that provides programs in a safe and supervised environment.

Will P.A.L. be able to pick up my child from school?

PAL is able to pick up several kids for a selected group of schools. These schools include Jefferson, Longfellow, Webster, Madison, Washington Middle and Elementary, Eliot, Blair, PHS, Marshall, Cleveland, Hamilton, Norma Combs, Don Benito, McKinley, Wilson, and Aveson.

What are the requirements for my child to be in the program?

In order for your child to be admitted into the program he/she must be between the ages of 9 and 17. In order for your child to be picked up he/she must attend one of the schools we pick up from. If your child fits those two requirements the next step is for the parent to bring their child to our PAL center and meet with the director. Once the director has approved that the child may become a member a $40 fee is required upon filling out the application.

What does a membership include? 

The membership includes a $40 fee, breakfast and lunch during the summer and snack after school during the school year, mentoring and tutoring, conferences with parents and teachers, transportation from school to the center, and little to no out of pocket cost for the many field trips we offer.

What are the After School hours?

The PAL Center is open Monday through Friday unless stated otherwise. The after school hours are Mondays 12:00pm-5:30pm Tuesdays to Fridays 2:00pm-5:30pm.