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Pasadena Police Activities League (P.A.L.) firmly believes that all youth are assets to our community and serve as the future generation. P.A.L.'s programs and activities are used as a vehicle to help youth in our community develop skills that build self-esteem and encourage them to reach their full potential.

While there are numerous admirable youth programs in operation,

P.A.L. is unique in that it adds one key ingredient: Police Officers.

This relationship serves to support the concept of “Building the Bond between Cops and Kids.” P.A.L. has become a part of the fabric that forms a safe Pasadena. P.A.L. youth participate in the Annual Summer Youth Leadership Conference and Life After High School program. P.A.L. youth participate in CAL-PAL basketball, soccer and karate tournaments. In several instances, teams from Pasadena P.A.L. placed amongst the top competitors and were awarded trophies. Hundreds of P.A.L. youth participated in recreational field trips throughout the year, including visits to Hearst Castle, Museums, Theme Parks, Roller Skating, Ice Skating, the Pasadena Playhouse, surfing & camping trips to state beaches, and celebrate responsible and positive behavior. Pasadena P.A.L. programs consist of culinary arts, personal development, and boys and girls groups. Many more programs are being planned to meet the needs of a diverse youth population.

Because of the generous support of businesses, charitable organizations and individuals, our youth continue to participate and benefit from the many programs offered by P.A.L.. The staff at P.A.L. believes that “Every Kid needs a PAL”, and we thank you for being one.


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educational program

The P.A.L. Center offers an array of activities designed to enhance the educational, athletic, and artistic experience of young people. P.A.L. continuously strives to realize its mission to “Encourage Pasadena Area Youth to be good citizens through a Partnership with the Pasadena Police Department.”

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Basic computer skills are not only important but necessary. Most institutions offer basic computer classes for students of all ages.
The classes enable students to perform basic computer functions as well as understand basic computer vocabulary and technology.

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This class is designed for the beginning guitar student. Students will learn and apply music fundamentals to the guitar. This class will help set the stage for improvisation, composition, and student performance. In this class, the student will learn how to apply basic musical concepts, such as rhythm, harmony, and melody to the guitar.

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The Pasadena PAL Robotics program introduces our members to career opportunities in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, known as the STEM program. This program applies real-world mathematics and science concepts to research challenges that face today’s scientists. The members learn how to design, build, and program robots using critical thinking and team-building skills. This program also helps our members develop critical life skills including problem solving, time management, and teamwork.

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Entrepreneurship focuses on recognizing a business opportunity, starting a business based on the recognized opportunity, and operating and maintaining that business. All students benefit from developing an appreciation for and understanding of entrepreneurship in our economy. Entrepreneurial skills are necessary not only for students who will become entrepreneurs, but also for individuals working in the increasingly competitive corporate world. At the end of this course, your kid will learn life skills of communication, leadership, creativity, problem solving, and organizational planning.

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This class is designed for those who have never played golf; beginning golf instruction consists of putting, chipping, short iron skills, etiquette, and strategy. The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the sport of golf. Students will be introduced to a variety of basic skills, concepts and aspects of golf. After these skills, concepts and aspects are introduced and practiced, the students will learn how to apply them in practical learning activities. Golf combines physical and mental skills that will serve the students well throughout their lives.