Meet Our Board


The Board of Directors is manages PAL’s organizational affairs and fundraising. The board works closely with the Pasadena Police Department and PAL Staff to ensure that PAL’s organizational mission is implemented. They meet once a month to review and discuss the current status of the PAL program and its finances, and makes managerial level decisions regarding the direction of the program and the expenditure of its funds. The board also coordinates and plans PAL’s fundraising efforts, and explores opportunities for PAL to foster and expand its organizational and institutional partnerships.

Fundraising is a year round effort for our Board of Directors, with the PAL Golden Badge Awards held each spring as its marquee event. PAL relies on an annual stipend from the Pasadena Police Department for its core daily operations, but the Board’s fundraising is critical to PAL’s ability to offer a diverse array of cultural and academic enrichment programs, expand enrollment, and ensure that PAL’s students are able to participate in unique educational and social activities, field trips, and other experiences that make PAL a special program for Pasadena’s youth.

Board directors are volunteers, comprised of an energetic and compassionate cross section of the community. Their drive to make PAL a positive and impactful youth program is essential to the success and sustainability of the program. PAL’s board members welcome inquiries about PAL, the board, and partnership opportunities.


Barbara Baptie

Banker/Realtor (Retired)


Lynn Kornmann

Dillbeck Real Estate


Kristen Schwartz Jones

DBS Law Group
Board Member


Sarah Horner Fish

Tom Sawyer Camps
Vice President


Laura Berns

The Berns Team
Board Member


Leslie Sobol

Lucas, Horsfall, Murphy, & Pindroh
Board Member

Sean Dawkins SQ.jpg

Sean Dawkins

Pasadena Police Department
2nd Vice President


Jody Davis

The Salvation Army
Board Member

Rodney+D+Wallace SQ.jpg

Rodney D. Wallace

Police Lieutenant (Retired)
Board Member

Kassarjian,Debra_0119 SQ.jpg

Debra Kassarjian



John Latta

Johnson & Johnson (Retired)
Board Member